Tip 1

Apply perfume to the pulse points of the wrists and throat. A couple of spritzes from about 15-20 centimeters away should moisten the skin slightly. Never put too much thinking that the scent should stay strong all day long. Subtly is the key to appreciate and to give good impression to people.

Tip 2

Another way to apply, you can spray a small amount of the perfume into the air and walk through it. This way, you will have a good amount on your hair and body without destructing the scent from rubbing your wrists together.

Tip 3

You can select a perfume to augment the outside world. For example, chose a romantic floral fragrance for those days when the sun is hidden and the weather is grey. Pick an warm woody fragrance for cold chilly days. A perfume with a suggestion of spice is a good choice for a quiet, cozy time at home.