History of Fragrances


Fragrance has been used widely all over the world regardless of the regions and countries.  Historically, human has evolved together with fragrances starting from religious occasions.  For example, Myrrh, cedar, juniper oils were used to preserve mummies in ancient times in Egypt…  Frankincense was gifted when Jesus was born…Incense sticks made of fragrant wood and plants were used as an appreciation and communication tool for gods in Asia.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the middle ages, natural ingredients such as citrus and florals, musk and woody notes starts to be discovered due to development of the distillation system and other manufacturing processes. Also Grasse, located in South France has become an important city for the development as it was first a leather manufacturing region and perfume was necessary to cover the bad odor.

From the end of 19th century, synthetic ingredients such as aldehydes, coumarin, and vanillin etc. are discovered and these various ingredients opens up wide possibilities for perfume creation.

Recently, the regulation has become stricter so many of the ingredients are restricted, but still  beautiful fragrances are created every day with a strong passion of perfumers and people in the industry.