ignite a sense of luxury


ignite a sense of luxury


Our Philosophy

As with Art Nouveau, where two cultures influenced each other to make a new style of art, I am fascinated by the cultural mix inspired by history.  It’s a fusion of french traditional perfumery with a touch of Japanese esprit, where east meets west.  Fragrance is timeless and has no boundaries.  With fragrance, you can always connect to the world. Fragrance triggers emotions and memories much more strongly than photos and music. Even though time passes by, with fragrance, all the memories flash back instantly.  The trail of fragrance allows you to travel through time and memories three dimensional shifting from one place to the other in a blink of time.  The logo represents a wing meaning that ‘Fragrance has no boundaries’.


Our Bath Oil Candles melt into warm, skin-softening bath oil

After burning, pour these candles into your bathtub. With elegant White tea fragrance and Vitamin E & Coconut oil contained Oil Concentrate, enjoy the moment with a scented oil that will leave your skin nourished with a pleasant sensation of soft suppleness.


We deliver the product using reliable logistic service.

Custom Fragrances

Specialized in customizing fragrances for companies looking for nice scents.

Ideal Gift

Our scented candles are ideal for gifts.